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#98 was about the last days of school before the holidays, which gives us a clue that the girls are currently having their summer vacation. In #99 we finished off the teach 2b witch saga, finding out that Will is pursuing her career as a swimmer but that the consequences of her energy level could be disastrous. Hopefully, she'll manage to keep it under control from now on!

The waiting for issue 100 has been long for all of us fans across the globe.
Ever since #50, we kept wondering:
'how will the WITCH crew decide to celebrate number 100?' Many of us feared that the comics would end before the big number was reached, but we all kept hoping that our fears would be proven wrong - and with great result. Even if the comics stopped being published in many unfortunate countries, we didn't give up hope, and even though the quality has gone through both ups and downs we keep believing in the future... for as long as there are true fans, the power of five will never die :)

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