The girls participated in a competition in a world called Nune-Boreal and we were all introduced to the Runics - a powerful team of young wizards, whose intentions seem everything but good. The price of the competition was an artifact that could threaten Kandrakar if it fell into the wrong hands. Luckily, the artifact was destroyed in the end and there was no winner. The Runics are gone for now - when will they appear again?

#105 ~ a dream letter ~
english scanlation
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credits :
comic scans: irmalover
original italian support: valehikari
translation, image editing & web coding: mooncloud
proofreading: spellbinder, loopylor & witchlover
pdf & archives: isenlia, dk-witch & nordicangel

progress :
March 1st '11 ( scanning complete )
March 3th '11 ( translation complete )
March 10th '11 ( image editing complete )
March 15th '11 ( index page done )
March 18th '11 ( proofreading done )

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