In January 2010, issue 106 came out in Italy and broke the recent trend of single issue stories. "Zodiac" revealed a new villain, a dark queen called Nihila, who wants to rule the world by controlling the 12 signs within astrology. When she noticed she couldn't control the five magical girls who make up WITCH, she decided to try a different approach.
Good thing Yan Lin found out about her plans and managed to contact our heroes before she was taken prisoner at the black star. Now it's time for part two of the story of Nihila - Italy's 2010 February issue. Can you tell by the cover?

#107 ~ it was fated ~
english scanlation
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credits :
italian comic scans: irmalover
translation, image editing & web coding: mooncloud
proofreading: valehikari & witchlover
pdf & archives: isenlia, dk-witch & nordicangel

progress :
April 29th '11 ( translation complete )
May 11th '11 ( scanning complete )
May 23rd '11 ( image editing complete )
May 23rd '11 ( index page done )
May 26th '11 ( proofreading done )

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