In the previous issue, the girls spent their second half of their summer vacation by the ocean, where they met the mysterious girl Mareeve who turned out to be a princess in an underwater kingdom. There was a fight between starfish and sharks but with W.I.T.C.H. on the opposite team, the latter didn't have a chance. The girls were being victorious with minimum effort and Mareeve was finally free to spend the rest of her days with her mortal boyfriend.

#114 ~ Back To School ~
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credits :
all scans & image editing: MoonCloud
basic translation from italian: VegaStar
proofreading: MoonCloud & WitchLover
web coding: MoonCloud
pdf & archives: isenlia, Dk-witch & NordicAngel

progress :
Aug 15th '12 ( translation complete )
Aug 30th '12 ( scanning complete )
Aug 30th '12 ( image editing complete )
Aug 31nd '12 ( index page done )
Aug 31st '12 ( proofreading done )

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