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It was the kind of issue that many of you expected out of issue #100. For the first time since issue #50, The girls got to see their futures again. The experience was given as a present from Yan Lin, the oracle of Kandrakar. She also gave them a choice. Four out of five chose not to keep the future they saw. Hay Lin was the only one to save her future. And I guess that's pretty self-explanatory.

#122 ~ Mathematically Possible ~
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cover scan: Irmalover
comic scans & translation: Mooncloud
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pdf & archives: isenLia, Dk-witch & Nordicangel

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June 23rd '13 ( translation finished )
July 1st '13 ( index page done )
July 13th '13 ( scanning complete )
July 24th '13 ( image editing complete )
July 27th '13 ( proofreading done )

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