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Caleb & Cornelia
-a love not meant to be-
The Start of a Dream


It's cold, so cold! In body and soul. I never thought I'd feel this bad. I miss you, but I can't tell you. Even worse - I can't even tell myself. Why do I feel this way? The loneliness gives me a dull pain, something that not even the good memories can cure. And when other feelings, such as anger, show up without me wanting to, it's difficult to accept what happened between us. I'm asking myself - why US? Why LIKE THIS? Why NEVER again? "You've made your choice without asking me," you told me with tears in your eyes. If only I could convince myself that I did the right thing! If only I could get rid of all the doubt filling my thoughts. If only I could lose myself in the depths of your eyes just one more time...

Caleb version:
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In a soap bubble, soaring towards infinity. That's where I'd like to be! Then I wouldn't have to feel anymore, to forget everything ... I wouldn't have to long for yesterday, a time that I miss so much, that I would like to live in now and forever. If it hadn't been so painful, it would almost have been comical, don't you think? Me, of all people, having the power of earth, dreaming of losing myself in nothingness. Instead, I'm sitting here, writing the most difficult letter of my life. I don't know if I will ever dare to send it to you! Do you remember the first time we met in Meridian? Your embrace had such tenderness! "You can feel safe here with me", you told me. I want to hear you say it now once more, with the same assurance. Oh, if only I could lose myself in the warmth of your embrace just one more time ...

Cornelia version:
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 Original Scans from 2014 by: Irmalover
 Intro translations 2019 by: MoonCloud & Witchlover
 Subject and script by: Francesco Artibani
 Drawings by: Federico Bertolucci & Anna Merli
 Covers by: Giada Perissinotto & Paolo Campinoti