W.I.T.C.H. Everyday ~ mini series

This was the first mini special series that was published alongside the basic story, starting with the magazine for issue 64 going on until issue 74. They are stand alone comics, considered non-canon.

Testmania # RAR
Icy Revenge # RAR
Cultural Exchanges # PDF or ZIP
Passion For Ponies # RAR
Rough Stuff # RAR
The Perfect Gift # RAR
Written In The Stars # RAR
Will Wears Make-Up # RAR
Street Dance # PDF or ZIP
Sporty Friends # RAR
Fashion Show # RAR

[older scan dates currently not available]
April 11th '16 (index page created)
November 3rd '17 ("Cultural Exchanges" added)
March 12th '18 ("Street Dance" added)

Scanned & Translated by MoonCloud & BrightStar
Proofreading by WitchLover & PokeMasterCube