now, I could go with the cliche "better late than never", but it's not really about being late in this case. I would have finished this project sooner, if it wasn't for the opinion of you guys. Every so often, I ask people what they would prefer I'd work with the most, and I always get a result saying the basic story is what's most important to you readers. So that is basically the only reason why I've stalled this project. And maybe, just maybe also because it's taken a hell of a lot extra work ;) not only did I have trouble with getting a correct translation, it's also not your every-day editing project, which you will notice... But with the next Summer Olympics coming up soon, this makes for a perfect opportunity. So I finally decided to finish this year-long project and I'm really happy with the result, so enjoy! /MC

english scanlation
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comic scans: Caecilius
translation: ValeHikari & MoonCloud
image editing & web coding: MoonCloud
italian support: VegaStar
proofreading: WitchLover

April 1st '09 ( scanning ✔ )
March 1st '10 ( basic translation ✔ )
July 19th '12 ( first image editing ✔ )
July 20th '12 ( italian corrections ✔ )
July 20th '12 ( index page ✔ )
July 21st '12 ( proofreading ✔ )