The girls are back at Sheffield Institute, but nowadays they also have to worry about a magical school... Matt and Liam meet for the first time, and it's not going too well... Matt and Will end up having another fight, and it seems like Matt is still full of secrets! While Cornelia is struggling with some family issues, Kandor shows the girls what keeps the magical bus running: the Lumia! It turns out its ribbons can track magical beings...

#91 ~ So Much More ~
english scanlation
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Irmalover (scanning + italian dialog)
MoonCloud (translation + basic image editing)
LoopyLor (basic proofreading)
MAX9075 (extra image editing)
Witchlover (final proofreading)
Dk-witch (rar links)
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Nov 08th '09 ( translation complete )
Nov 16th '09 ( scanning complete )
Nov 20th '09 ( index page complete )
Nov 23rd '09 ( proofreading complete )
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