School is finally over and the girls are experiencing the ups and downs of moving on. The story has a great mixture of past and future and I believe the message is telling us to appreciate what we've got while it's still there, because we never know when it will go away. For once, there's no evil for the girls to deal with - which makes it easier for us to see more of the girls' everyday life. And now, the story continues in a similar way...
or not?

#99 ~ a dive into the air ~
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cover + comic scans: Irmalover
swedish to english translation: MoonCloud
italian text support: ValeHikari & Irmalover
proofreading: Witchlover & Loopylor
cover + comic image editing: MoonCloud
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May 05th '10 ( scanning complete )
May 12th '10 ( index page complete )
Jun 01st '10 ( translation complete )
Jun 01st '10 ( image editing complete )
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