~ Witch on Stage SPECIAL ~
This was the second mini special series that was published alongside the basic story, starting with the magazine for issue 75 going on until issue 86. The Jensen Dance special comics are not stand-alone stories and should be read in the correct order, but all are still considered non-canon.
After much server trouble, we've merged all parts into one ZIP file. Hope it helps.

Parts 1 - 12 (144 pages) all in one zip

January 2009 (parts 1-4)
February 2009 (part 5-7)
March 2009 (part 8)
April 2009 (part 9)
May 2009 (parts 10-12)
June 15th '21 (server change)

<- cover (swedish #61pt2) edited by MoonCloud
Parts 1-2 & 4-6 are scanned by Arevin
Parts 7+ are scanned by MoonCloud
Parts 1-2 & 4-12 are translated by MoonCloud
Part 3 is translated by Irmalover
Grammar correction by LoopyLor & Spellbinder