Oh, man, has this place been through a lot:
Spambots, haters, block scripts and heated discussions - but most of all - love. Believe it or not.

My guestbook was mostly active during the first five years, but I decided to keep the page up for nostalgic reasons for a while longer. Since 2018 I encouraged visitors not to sign and reversed the timeline to show oldest first. This due to a bug that Webs had no interest in fixing. So Webs closing down was the best thing that could happen. Now I can actually copy the page onto another server where I get full access to edit the page any way I want it.

Today - you can no longer sign the guestbook - which is what I've already wanted for years anyway since it's become obsolete. Now this page is to show how much this website has meant for fans before the Yen Press release existed. If you want to reach me, you can PM me on social media. Thanks you everyone who signed my guestbook over the years - y'all great. even those of you who I offended. SO SORRY. (I was under bad *caumaxgh* influence).

/ MoonCloud217


1000+ Comments

Mister J.
5:02 AM on September 10, 2006 
Hey there! I see you've finally made your own site.:wink: Too bad I couldn't help you though... :(
10:14 AM on September 10, 2006 
Hey you made a nice site here, hope you do well with comics, photobucket going crazy and all.
4:56 PM on September 15, 2006 
Nice site you got here.
I like the picuture on the home page ^_-
5:52 AM on September 19, 2006 
Hey, you are in the same age and I love WITCH too. Thank you for translation of scans, you are one year before us. :lol:
1:09 PM on September 20, 2006 
Wonderful job on your site. I really like how easy to find everything is. You rock!!
4:14 PM on September 28, 2006 
I can't believe I haven't posted in this yet. Well anyway, I LOVE your site and how you put so much time and effort into scanning the comics for us fans! Thank you so much!
~Amanda (aka Will)
11:35 AM on October 12, 2006 
This site rox! I love it! :D
2:02 PM on October 12, 2006 
Cool site, though I'm having a spot of trouble with the episode downloads.
12:03 PM on October 17, 2006 
Today in episode 9, I mean, 2, or is it 3? Heh, anyway, thanks for posting the links to the episodes... it's been a pain to find them until I stumbled upon your site. thanks again!
10:24 AM on October 19, 2006 
love your site especialy becouse of the comicks. keep up the good work :D
7:41 PM on October 24, 2006 
Hey MC217 glad to hear that you got your image hoster back and that you get your computer back up soon.
9:35 AM on October 31, 2006 
keep on going, cos your work rocks
4:38 AM on November 2, 2006 
I love ur site especially ur comic makes it really easy for me to read the issues i hav missed..keep up wif the gd work...I will be here often to check up ur cool new updates. ^.^
P.S. can't wait 4 the scans of issue
10:31 AM on November 2, 2006 
Got to say great job. This is the cleanest and easiest website I've seen for W.I.T.C.H. site. Also love the download section.
3:57 PM on November 3, 2006 
Thanks MC! A realy great job! :D
6:32 PM on November 3, 2006 
how long till u scan issue 52 and 53? becouse i can't buy the comics in my country but i love w.i.t.c.h. tnx a milion for the scans :D:!:
taranee ( katryn)
9:51 AM on November 9, 2006 
i love witch i am most like taranee infact my nick name is taranee i knkow the theme song by heart
3:18 PM on November 11, 2006 
Will buy the comics and scan them ... :)
3:13 PM on November 12, 2006 
forever-magic: Will buy the comics and scan them ...
i can't they don't sell them in my country :(:(:(
6:00 PM on November 15, 2006 
Will you becoming back do the RPG.
1:44 AM on November 17, 2006 
I just wanted to give a great big THANK YOU for giving us these, it really makes me happy. I can't find the recent ones anywhere! So, again, thanks for being awesome and be sure I'll be a regular visitor to your site. :)
5:52 AM on November 17, 2006 
Once again, you are AWESOME for doing this mooncloud! :D tthis scan just makes my morning.
And guys, I know it's not everybody, but please don't beg for scans. I don't have the comics in the U.S. either, but even if you beg or whine, that doesn't make the issue come out any faster. Just sit patiently and cheer mooncloud on. The issues will always come eventually :)
5:56 AM on November 17, 2006 
Great site! Keep up the good work and the scans are excellent!
shlomi cc/catz
8:55 AM on November 17, 2006 
great site!
3:03 PM on November 17, 2006 
MC u rock
7:46 PM on November 18, 2006 
You definetely Rock
11:02 AM on November 23, 2006 
Goodday to you my countyman or should I say woman? Well, anyways I absolutly L-O-V-E your site and I was jumping up and down with joy when I found that you uploaded the episodes onto the site :D :D :D :D :D BTW they're in English right? Cause I hate dubbed shows but I don't really mind if it's a good show like W.I.T.C.H. Well, goodday or rather goodnight, milady

The Pastmaster
6:08 PM on November 29, 2006 
Man, every1 is saying thx, thx, thx... And you know why? Cos there is nothing else to say, your work and contribution towards W.I.T.C.H. are both great, so I, amongst many others, am very pleased with what you have been doing!
11:02 AM on December 7, 2006 
Are you going to upload all the comics again or you are uploading new ones first, i think u should upload new ones first and then you can reuplaod the old one's. BTW they started to sell comics in ESTONIA :D
8:41 AM on December 8, 2006 
Even I'm one of biggest Phobos fan, I really wish to know who wants to date him, are you too a member in ?
I'm known there as samscorpio
this is for you MC217, can you change my name in credits to Sam only ? thx in advance
6:20 AM on December 9, 2006 
i can't wait for the world cup special tnx :D
5:06 PM on December 16, 2006 
nice little site,
check some of ur links to photobucket, the requested pages are not always found
---still great job keep it up-----
Xeno - AKA - HayLin (on kalonline) - AKA - Dr.D
8:28 PM on December 16, 2006 
freewebs WAS good, now it sux because of the add's, buy yourself a domain, maybe just maybe try PHP hosting...

site is good for a HTML site....

score 9.1 / 10
4:54 PM on December 17, 2006 
Wil lthere be anymore Christmas Specials?
Laura (Netherlands)
11:13 AM on December 18, 2006 
ik kan niet wachten tot nummer 53 op je site komt. Echt hele leuke site hoor:D
Amanda (aka Will)
12:48 AM on December 19, 2006 
bleh, too lazy to sign in as witchfansunite. I finally got to read those Christmas specials and they were great! :D thanks for the scans!
Mister J. (Lord Cedric)
8:19 AM on December 21, 2006 
Randomly resigning the guestbook. :tongue:

Still an awesome site. I'm looking forward to the coming issues. As you might already know, I've become a Cedric fan, and issue #52 left me hanging on a cliffie.

Yay! :D More dutchies! *Waves to Laura (Netherlands)*
1:41 AM on December 23, 2006 
I love your site. i can't wait until issue 53 comes out. So when do you think it comes out?
just a thought
7:48 AM on December 28, 2006 
hm... dont u think that having w.i.t.c.h. episodes (...) lowers the chanses of w.i.t.c.h. season 3 because the lose money on season 2 , and every year they decide if shows get more episodes on the count if the show got good ratings and good $$$...

But its still cool having the eps. on my hard drive :lol:
irma(previously will)
12:13 PM on December 29, 2006 
happy new year everybody :D:D:D
5:30 PM on January 1, 2007 
l o v e ! sidan äger, skitbra att du lägger upp tidningarna, keep up the good work! :D
WITCH rules (^_-)
6:16 PM on January 2, 2007 
Hello! Cool site!
Greetings from Norway.
Happy new year :)
12:51 PM on January 5, 2007 
Just wondering why all your season 1 episodes aren't available anymore?
6:25 PM on January 5, 2007 
Hope you had a good holiday... Thanks for the stuff that your doing^^ Just thought I'd post it officially
some one that loves w.i.t.c.h.
1:24 PM on January 6, 2007 
twinkle951: hi i love your site!i hope your issue 53 will be coming out soon! I'm dying to read it!
me 3
Adrian M
12:27 PM on January 8, 2007 
I saw your torrent on ISOHUNT and downloaded your entire WITCH comics. I completily was delighted in the comic and your translation of it, great work keep them coming they are liked
2:24 PM on January 11, 2007 
man i absolutely love witch exspecially HayLin want can i say i lov those asain chicks
6:33 PM on January 11, 2007 
Your site is amazing thanks to you I was able to find out what happnes next in the comics! But I'm still missing to read the adventure books and comic 53 though. Where can I find it? And the link.
Kagetsu / ImKagetsu
10:42 PM on January 11, 2007 
Followed a link from Nice site, though I've only seen a little at the moment.8)
Beserker King
11:47 PM on January 11, 2007 
i've actually found your site a while ago but never noticed the guestbook, its great (though im still looking for the calenders), as well its a shame that losers have to ruin things like this by ripping them off
3:17 AM on January 13, 2007 
This is a cool site, but when I tried to get to some other sites, one of them(last site on list), the comix weren't available. I think something's wrong on that one.Anyways, it's nice
9:41 AM on January 13, 2007 
Hey! cool site, thanks for translating and uploading those W.I.T.C.H. comics they're awesome! you've done a great job!
11:51 PM on January 21, 2007 
i love your site!!! thx for doing all the comic scans!!!!
9:34 AM on January 23, 2007 
can anyone visit my site ?
Celestial Secrets
7:19 PM on January 23, 2007 
I love your site! Great work! And thanks a bunch for translating the comics!!!:lol:
10:31 AM on January 30, 2007 
thanks for translating the newist issue, keep up the brilliant work
10:35 PM on January 30, 2007 
great updates, pls keep up the good work, right now I have a lot of troubles in home
10:44 PM on January 30, 2007 
don't anger yourself for torrents
12:59 PM on February 7, 2007 
nice site I saw that you do not have any season 1 eps listed on your Downloads page I have all of season1 and 2 and would be happy to help if you are interested pm me at
10:47 PM on February 11, 2007 
AH haha! Whatta mess! (just read 53). Such Complications they are making for themselves!^^ Cedric is such a dweeb (Poor grumpy sap).
Pao Chai
6:27 PM on February 18, 2007 
I don't know if I've signed before...but anyway, thank so much for the scans, you rock!:D
Xol / Daedalus Vao
10:12 PM on February 21, 2007 
Hi! Yay, I finally got my download-W.I.T.C.H.-comics-for-iPod program to stop crashing on Issue 51! Looks like I'll be able to continue! Thanks for translating!
4:17 AM on February 24, 2007 
This is a great site keep up the good work!
6:22 PM on February 26, 2007 
Honey I totally love ya everyone else who help you... I found one torrent on btmon that has #51 and #52 few days ago... Just so you know...
4:12 PM on February 27, 2007 
this page is really great keep on working
7:42 PM on March 1, 2007 
finally a site that has witch comic this is the best site ever
6:34 AM on March 7, 2007 
thnx for such grate scans! Chears! :lol:

**** yes, I edited your post, because it wouldve been hurtful towards the fandom... :dry: / MC ****
2:46 PM on March 8, 2007 
Great site keep it up !!!
1:41 PM on March 10, 2007 
Hey MC, I just realized that I never signed your guestbook before. :lol:
Fernando M�rquez
4:12 PM on March 15, 2007 
Keep up the dedication and good work. You're doing great! Hope to get the later issues sooner.
5:01 PM on March 16, 2007 
cool site
8:30 PM on March 24, 2007 
hey, monncloud, what happened to my account? on the comic and bookd forum?
11:37 AM on April 2, 2007 
Hey MC, great great site. keep it up
4:24 PM on April 3, 2007 
:DGreat Job! Can't wait for the next part.
11:13 AM on April 4, 2007 
HI! I can't seem to be able to see the april calender. the page only comes up as "about:blank". no, it's not just my computer.

Keep up the good work! A.I.
5:50 PM on April 5, 2007 
Yaaaaayy! New part up^^ keep up the good work MC^^
a guy who can't come up with a nickname
2:36 AM on April 9, 2007 
Hey, thanks for the scans. I'm from Costa Rica so I wouldn't be able to read the W.I.T.C.H. comics otherwise. Your efforts are much appreciated!
Alex M
2:48 PM on April 9, 2007 
Nice!!! Very nice!!! Keep it up!!! :D
12:06 AM on April 15, 2007 
Hey. I found your site through (which I can't read), anyways they have a different translation for 58 and I can't seem to get to "Irmalover"'s page. GRRRR!! Oh well thanks for all the comics, I love them, I will kep trying
9:22 PM on April 15, 2007 
cool site..i love your comics!!!!

6:40 AM on April 17, 2007 
i went to irmalover`s
site,but there isn`t any comic!no issue 58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can you help me tofind the issue ?:roll:
Alwyn Mancio
1:30 AM on April 18, 2007 
Excuse me....what is the specific date for IRMALOVER's scan for WITCH # 59.....pls.....make it ASAP but still i'll w8...:roll:
10:41 AM on April 21, 2007 
Alwyn Mancio
9:22 AM on April 26, 2007 
I'm Alwyn can you email to me WITCH # 59..... pls.... :)
5:37 PM on May 3, 2007 
hi! do u have issue #31-36?
9:10 PM on May 5, 2007 
you rock i hope u can get more comics ok!!:roll:
11:48 PM on May 5, 2007 
Just saying hello and good job on the comic
2:14 PM on May 6, 2007 
u rock i love those mini comics!!my fav is cornelia!! put her on those mini comics
12:31 AM on May 7, 2007 
5:55 PM on May 9, 2007 
hi! do u know wich issue is the one where peter and caleb both ask cornelia the dance?
6:49 AM on May 10, 2007 
hey!! hi! hope u can like get part2 of issue 60?? hurry! & hope u get more mini comics!!!
2:31 AM on May 12, 2007 
Hi! Anyone, Im looking for issue 54 in .zip, can someone help? My internet is way too weak to read it page by page :(
8:54 AM on May 12, 2007 
Naty - read the FAQ and you will find a link to the Comic Scan Thread. There you will find another link at the bottom of the first post that leads to DieBySword's FTP site. He's got RAR-files and it's almost the same as .ZIP.
11:59 AM on May 12, 2007 
Just finished reading 60 and I loved it! I'm really excited to read 61 and see what happens when they find Matt again. I've heard rumors about 63 that I hope aren't true but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Congratulations on fantastical scanning! :D
Lady Celest
1:02 PM on May 12, 2007 
Thanks so much doll! I'm writhing with anticipation over here.
6:57 AM on May 14, 2007 
love the new mini comics!! has 61 came out yet who has it on thier web?
5:49 AM on May 19, 2007 
Tnx :x
11:53 AM on May 22, 2007 
hello Mooncloud!
Nice site you have here and thanks for the minicomics. They are so funny :)
3:15 PM on May 27, 2007 
I would like to thank you excessively for the comic scans and translations that you have done, they are a true selfless act
thank you! and you look very pretty in your photo
4:41 PM on May 27, 2007 
Fantastic work, Mooncloud! Oh, does it take long to make your translated/scanned comics into .zip? Easier to read when internet is down=D Again, great job!
12:08 PM on June 1, 2007 
Thanks for posting links to 61, my source used to be a stupid site that gave no notification when it transfered to a different location! :mad:
12:38 PM on June 1, 2007 
what is irmalovers site? i can't find her website on ur links/downlaod.:(
11:34 PM on June 4, 2007 
Hello... regarding to The # 61 part 2 when is its release date??? i can't wait the part1 is on Irmalover's site already
9:14 AM on June 11, 2007 
WITCH 61 part 2is here,,,thnx
5:10 PM on June 11, 2007 
when will 62 be up?
Lady Celest
2:49 PM on June 12, 2007 
(just read 61) I think I'm gonna cry.
8:34 AM on June 15, 2007 
:lol: There is something witchy going on here
7:43 AM on June 19, 2007 
u did a great job^^:D
earth girl
12:05 PM on June 26, 2007 
your mini comics are like so awsome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!
6:28 AM on June 29, 2007 
first i wanted to say that i love your site :D:D. i wanted to ask you how is mel and arvin and when are you going to post issues 63 and 64 and where are you going to post them??? on your site or on an other site??? thanx love you site again :D:D
3:26 PM on July 5, 2007 
in witch 51 and a few more there are drawing tutorials maybe you could scan that to i think people (like me) would like to learn that

and i wanted to say its a real good site i really like it :wink:
6:39 AM on July 8, 2007 
When will u post the 62 part 2???
6:44 PM on July 12, 2007 
you give me a good reason to stay alive for more few days , because I almost lost my will to survive .
In your theory there is no other life, well this life isn't good to try, and I think I may take my chance .
10:58 AM on July 14, 2007 
You've got your guestbook background back, I want a cookie!
9:27 PM on July 14, 2007 
Just wanted to say thanks for all the great scans and translations. Heh, for a comic that's marketed towards an entirely different gender and age range to mine, I really enjoy WITCH...
10:00 PM on July 14, 2007 
A Pleasant day to you Mooncloud! you know what? i really enjoy your scans and i think i'm the only Filipino from the philippines that knows your website... 62 will be released next week... but for me? i've red already 62 and 63... Thank you :D
9:52 PM on July 15, 2007 
What is the whole Ragorlan thing about??g
Phobos (from RPG)
9:58 AM on July 18, 2007 
Hey, what's going on? Nice site, btw ^_- So what is this comic forum you were talking about?
1:15 PM on July 18, 2007 
look at my links page, phobos ;)
6:00 AM on July 22, 2007 
Your mini-comics are funny!:D
12:55 PM on July 26, 2007 
Nice page you've got girl.
I'm realy glad you put it up. (You have NO idea about how hard it's to find WI.T.C.H. at the net). Thanks to you guys I've been able to read all the issues.
btw, you don't think it's wierd for a guy to like the series, do ya?
Anyway, keep uploding them and keep up the GREAT work:wink:
10:43 PM on July 27, 2007 
hey. sorry i copied stuff. could you tell me what i copied so i could change it?
sorry again:(
P.S. my websites
( )
1:38 AM on July 29, 2007 
Ok, 1st off when I try to upload stuff from my computer it takes WAY too long, and if it does upload it doesn't even show up on the page!:(
2nd, some sites have diffrent languages so I couldn't contact them if I wanted to!:blink:
3rd, I don't wanna start all over! I've been working on my website wy too hard and way too long to quit now!:(
4th, do you think I should erase all the pictures so I can start over on them and ask other sites for permission?:?:
Well, anyway, my websites if you forgot!
Kayla :)
1:44 AM on July 29, 2007 
I just checked out the rest of ur site!! It is soo cool! nice work! oh and by they way I'm NOT EVER going to copy the pics unless u tell me I can! (r'n't u proud of me?:lol:jk)
4:13 PM on July 29, 2007 
just wanna say, I love your work, the witch is so cool, and the translation work is awesome. Thx from a reader
2:44 AM on July 31, 2007 
Thanks for the latest chapter! It is fun to see a Hay-Lin centric story. I hope it continues in this trend.
3:25 PM on July 31, 2007 
again, too lazy to log in, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Now let's hope that Mata's site gets closed down! yay! Have fun today! ^^
Will fan
6:36 AM on August 2, 2007 
Wow those mini comics are way cool i loved them and nice comics
6:30 PM on August 3, 2007 
Hey thanks for being so nice! I'm gonna delete the backgrounds, don't worry! Maybe I should just give websites that have pictures. Or I could ask. Whatever.
-Kayla ;D
lil kitty
9:12 PM on August 3, 2007 
sorry it took me so long but happy belated birthday mooncloud :D it was jos birthday also and she says happy birthday to
12:31 AM on August 6, 2007 
ok! all is clear, but if it looks like i copied i didn't cuz some i revized. now im gonna go delete the download page, okies? ok!
1:21 AM on August 7, 2007 
huh? I don't get what you put! Can you like, re-word that please? Oh, and i'm signed in so it says kittenstickers101!
Speedy quick Kayla:lol:
1:23 AM on August 7, 2007 
Oh, I guess it doesn't say kittenstickers101! It says Kayla! Well as you can see I like signing this thing. :tongue:
1:06 PM on August 7, 2007 
Ok, now I get it! Oh, and sorry for deleting the posts. I thought you wouldn't care!
P.S. I think the site I got them from got deleted . . . so its in the requests part in the requests and thank yous page:D
4:50 PM on August 9, 2007 
ok i where's my cookie mc?:D
3:43 AM on August 13, 2007 
great job^_6 i found out about this site a few days ago^_^and i like to say wow great job with everything
3:44 AM on August 13, 2007 
^_^could i get a cookie^_^
11:04 AM on August 16, 2007 
i was think if i could have some of your pitures. If so you can have some of my pictures too.bye:wink:
Elyon Portrait
1:25 AM on August 17, 2007 
Hey Mooncloud. This is the first time I visit this place. Wow, it's like stepping into the castle. The nice one, that is. Hope you're doing all right. Sorry for deserting you all.
11:23 AM on August 20, 2007 
you now you could be a little nice that i am even giving you any pictures at all.:angry:
3:46 PM on August 20, 2007 
cassidyweb, you do know none of those pictures are yours? :lol:

You've just hotlinked them from other sites..
9:39 AM on August 23, 2007 
Thankz for the 65th Issue!!!!!! i just bought the 63rd here in the philippines!
12:28 AM on August 26, 2007 
i love your site, i read all the comics here
10:36 PM on August 26, 2007 
thanks 4 uploading the comics
12:42 AM on August 27, 2007 
I`m a chinese witch fun.Our witch magazine has already stopped.So,I want to read more witch book. Who can help me?And what is Witch2326 password ?I don`t know this password^
9:51 AM on August 29, 2007 
thanks tara for sharing, but your site contains spoilers, you should put a spoiler warning next time. :) I post this message for all my site viewers' sake, as a warning.
9:36 PM on August 29, 2007 
Thank you SO much! you have earned the title of "new best friend!"

This site is great for those of us too poor and lazy to go buy the books! (ahem. me.)

Thanks again! you rock my socks with pink and orange polka dots!
11:46 AM on September 2, 2007 
You have a good site actually8)
1:50 AM on September 3, 2007 
hey moomcloud! im not gonna use her pics, anyway. im just gonna scan mine i guess. cuz now i'm getting high speed-just as soon as the computer fixer-guy comes 2 my house and fixes the freaking computer! untill then, i'm stuck with dail-up! cuz after i get high speed it wont take as much time to upload stuff 2 my website.
well, bye bye:wink:
1:58 AM on September 3, 2007 
heeeey! i saw your post for my site! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! did you see my thankyou thingy for my site?!
5:54 PM on September 5, 2007 
I LOVE the Elyon/Caleb Special so far! it's so romantic and I love the art & coloring, thanks for updating
2:26 AM on September 9, 2007 
Happy aniversery! 23 skadoo!
Will's biggest fan
4:00 PM on September 9, 2007 
Wow! this site is soooooooo going on my favorites
3:21 AM on September 10, 2007 
thanks sooooooooooo much mooncloud for scaning and more stuff of the w.i.t.c.h. comics. i can't find the mag anywhere and i was soooo happy when i found your website. anyway thanks for the comics!!!!!!
9:49 AM on September 12, 2007 
Great site MC. :)
Thanks for all that you're doing for the "Witch Community" & keep up the good work!
Happy Anniversary & hope to have many more in the future!
9:59 AM on September 12, 2007 
congrats MC on 1 year, keep going
Xo|atron (Daedalus)
10:13 PM on September 13, 2007 
Hey, Happy Anniversary! Thanks again for the scanning :). It's taking a while to re-catch up through all the episodes 8), but I can't wait for the marathon of new ones once I do. I haven't been on the forums because of this lately either. So thanks and congratulations! (And thanks for the recent minicomics :))
2:14 AM on September 14, 2007 
haooy anniversary guys!!!! thanx for scaning the comics for 1 year, that must be hard work.i get tired for scaning my drawings. anyway thenx soooooooooooo much for the comics mc
7:19 PM on September 16, 2007 
oh . . . sorry about that . . .heh heh heh! I just kept coming up with new ideas 2 say.
I already signed up for the furum website, but i think i forgot my username i'll try to get in when i'm done here.
I have high speed internet now, cuz the computer guy came, but its STILL SO SLOW when it comes to uploading anything, but it's really fast when its comes to downloading!:(
7:57 PM on September 16, 2007 
the 3 things thingy is so funny, but only because I had to do that last week in school
3:58 AM on September 20, 2007 
hi!!I really like your site!I love W.i.t.c.h too can I add your site to my links?
12:10 AM on September 21, 2007 
hey! guess what? I UPLOADED PICS I SCANNED! YAY! :ohmy:
arn'y u proud of me? (sob, sob):D
4:14 PM on September 21, 2007 
i never saw a site like this i like it very much!
4:50 PM on September 21, 2007 
When is issue 66 ready please of course:D
Arty Knight
3:06 AM on September 23, 2007 
You're site is the best! The translations are really easy to understand and the regular updates are amazing! Thank you so much for posting great W.i.t.c.h. stuff :)
4:48 AM on September 23, 2007 
Thank you so much for the comic scans, it is such a great service to the WITCH fans that cannot buy them for whatever reason (I would if I could, but America is just so far behind.) You do a great service to your fellow fans, thank you again!:D
9:20 AM on September 23, 2007 
Hi,MoonCloud! Thanks for the scans! I agree with koolkame!
2:31 PM on September 23, 2007 
yay w.i.t.c.h. scans GB realy far behind as well
8:50 PM on September 24, 2007 
will 66 be up soon??
2:47 AM on September 26, 2007 
i really like the new stuff u put here!:D it's allot easier to use:lol: 8):lol: :lol: :)
2:50 AM on September 26, 2007 
o ya i forgot to tel u that i'm sory if i used too much faces :(. and if anyone's from australia this guy's name is matt and he's a copy of matt to!
2:53 AM on September 26, 2007 
i'm sorry to use yor space m.c. but what i was talking about just then was about australian idol. and thats what it's to me
4:37 AM on October 5, 2007 
yay! some1 looooves w.i.t.c.h. like meeeee!!!!
9:09 AM on October 5, 2007 
Hey hey hall�!
I will from now on drop in from time to time, if there is any scanning I can do to help I'll be glad to do it! I am a 100% witch-o-holic!
11:17 AM on October 5, 2007 
uhm, Linnzy - if you want to help you better join the forum or send me an email, or else I won't be able to contact you. :roll:
3:22 AM on October 6, 2007 
i signed a few times so can i plz get a cookie?:D
4:53 AM on October 9, 2007 
wen is #66 going to be up? im really excited!
12:25 AM on October 10, 2007 
hey whats up kwel site visit min atg
5:19 AM on October 10, 2007 
i'm really exited too marky658!!!!!!!! cause we were sort of waitin for a long time and it's coming soon so i agree:D (no offence mc :unsure:)
5:05 PM on October 19, 2007 
hey. :D I want to see manga that you drew! I have a picture I just drew tonight and I thought we could share!
3:07 AM on October 22, 2007 
HI i have loads of cool witch videos on my youtube account. my account is
Moon Writer
4:13 PM on October 26, 2007 
hey! Neat site! Please visit mine! Thanks! :D
8:00 AM on October 31, 2007 
Hi,MC,hope you will keep up your site!
1:56 PM on November 3, 2007 
This site is fine to navigate through, very easy.
Alex Cstrp
5:10 AM on November 5, 2007 
Hello^_^ i check out ur site back when i first started and i lost ur link when school start, but i just found it today^_^just wanted say you got a great site still and thanks for tranlation
10:39 PM on November 7, 2007 
im sorry, mooncloud, i wont complain again
2:38 AM on November 11, 2007 
thanks mooncloud! ur the bezt!!
hope ur site gets better!
3:43 AM on November 15, 2007 
yeah me 2,:(i didnt mean for it 2 sound that way :ohmy: and anyway it's not ur fault! :D
Lady Celest
12:05 AM on November 26, 2007 
Lovely to see your up and kicking deary^^ Your job fairing better, I hope?
9:25 PM on November 28, 2007 
Hello mooncloud
2:27 AM on November 30, 2007 
2:51 PM on December 1, 2007 
Hi guys ^_^
Celest: No, nothing better yet :(
11:51 AM on December 3, 2007 
your smart, Ducky, you'll figure it out. we're all rootin' for ya.
6:35 PM on December 3, 2007 
heh ^^ thanks, and I hope you're right.
11:38 PM on December 3, 2007 
thanks 4 uploading the 1st part of #66 moon
were really thankful 4 ur scans
ur the BEST!:)
12:34 AM on December 6, 2007 
:wink: yeah i agree 2 thx soooooooo :lol: much for that!:D:)
2:03 PM on December 7, 2007 
Oooh! Thank you for this amazing site! :roll:
10:43 PM on December 19, 2007 
grand sendoff, ducky^^ See ya next year!
11:33 PM on December 20, 2007 
:lol: 8) yay i've got a site! please sign the guestbooks and chat 'bout anything u like! :D:tongue:
9:50 AM on December 22, 2007 
Thank you for the Christmas presents, they're the best I've gotten in years! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the States! :D
1:44 PM on December 31, 2007 
i love w.i.t.c.h.

excelent your website!!!
5:48 PM on January 7, 2008 
Um hi.. Thanks for the comic scans, we don't get the comics where I live and there's only up to #14 or something in the graphic novels.. But anyway, I have a piece of fanart if you would like a link? x
6:50 AM on January 8, 2008 
I Love This Site!!!!!!
10:24 AM on January 9, 2008 
Elinor: send it by email if you want, or even better: join our comic forum and post it in the fanart section :)
8:41 PM on January 27, 2008 
Thanks for the Orube stuff!
Lady Celest
2:09 PM on February 12, 2008 
Love the new stuff, doll!
2:34 PM on February 12, 2008 
Keep up the good work, girl ;) :D
3:38 AM on February 15, 2008 
wow. A Fan too. yay. I am too. hehe. you could visit the official site of WITCH. xD
but people there are mostly Filipino`s but they can speak English too. Join. yay.
Btw, Keep up the good work!
6:03 AM on February 15, 2008 
maybe that's because it's the official PHILIPPINE site :roll:
12:23 AM on February 23, 2008 
Great site! I'm a fan of WITCH!
7:17 AM on February 24, 2008 
issue 65
i know they are swedish when was it out 2007-??
2:30 PM on February 26, 2008 
#65 was out around feb-march '07 in sweden.
6:43 PM on February 26, 2008 
Bonjour! I want to say "merci" Beaucoup!" "jet'en remercie!":)
6:48 PM on February 26, 2008 
:dry:I think Mooncloud should update #68 and # 69, because Max is sooooooooooooooo lazy!!
6:35 AM on February 27, 2008 
LOL :lol: If he had the issues he would scan them right away. But it's not Max's fault that the Philippines are slow with the shipping :wink:
3:23 PM on February 28, 2008 
[I think Mooncloud should update #68 and # 69, because Max is sooooooooooooooo lazy!!]
I'm so lazy I almost stop. ;)
(X-Press 2 Feat. David Byrne)
2:47 PM on March 1, 2008 
:D The last person probaley said that because we all Loooooove you Mooncloud!!!!
9:45 AM on March 9, 2008 
i love this site!
will McCollum
8:06 PM on March 9, 2008 
I love you guy your great!And besides my faorite colors are pink blue red green and white.And remember you guys are great!:wink:
8:10 PM on March 9, 2008 
10:20 AM on March 15, 2008 
:D Hey, MC your so cool, will you marry me?! { or at least date me?}
6:58 PM on March 19, 2008 
hellooooo... I love your work and I love reading WITCH.. and I was wondering when you will have the next issue!!!! :D Thanks
Lady Celest
2:58 PM on March 23, 2008 
Happy easter, Dollie!
3:46 PM on March 27, 2008 
i think mooncloud should scan 68 & 69 beacause on max's site it said that he last updated on july 2007! plz plz
4:09 PM on March 27, 2008 
Please donate your free hours to give me more time. :tongue:

Seriously, I'm waiting too. When I have the issues I'll start scanning immediately. After reading them ofcourse..
5:43 PM on March 31, 2008 
:( Seriously people be nice to Max hes doing his best, and its not his fault that the Philipians take awhile to release the issues. Max will most likely get the issues up soon just be patient, his life does not revolve around W.I.T.C.H.! Sorry to sound harsh but its what needs to be said
1:11 AM on April 7, 2008 
No worries Ducky, I'd hope that everyone here has the maturity to practice a little patience... Such darling new stuff by the bye, Dearie! Love it.
meme 333
1:29 PM on April 8, 2008 
i love this site and i hope 88 come out
8:01 AM on April 20, 2008 
I like this site. It's all about w.i.t.c.h. :)
4:36 PM on April 24, 2008 
2:05 PM on April 26, 2008 
Love the website.
6:58 AM on May 2, 2008 
witch is soo addictive!! :lol:
11:11 AM on May 5, 2008 
Hi Mooncloud! I just discovered this site and i thought it was really cool!:D
1:11 PM on May 5, 2008 
thank you guys :) I'll fix some more updates soon, I promise.
6:42 PM on May 13, 2008 
I Think you should scan the next 2 issues. why hasn't max scanned the issues?
6:28 AM on May 14, 2008 
because it took 2 months for the order to arrive. it's not his fault. but don't worry, it will be ready soon, and that's a promise.
9:17 PM on May 14, 2008 
"Hey it's like I said be nice to Max he is doing the best he can!! It's not his fault that he hasn't been able to scan them yet. Believe it or not but Max's life does not revolve around W.I.T.C.H.!! You agree with me right Mooncloud? :(
9:12 AM on May 15, 2008 
lol, yes, girlpower - I guess I do :tongue:
11:14 PM on May 18, 2008 
Hey Mooncloud. Thanks for correcting me. I made an assumption when MAX9075 said he spent 20 hours to scan, edit, upload, etc...

Still I appreciate the effort Max put into getting the scans up.
11:53 AM on May 19, 2008 
Hey Mooncloud. I, along with every W.I.T.C.H. fan here in the U.S., appreciate what you are doing. It seems the W.I.T.C.H. books and graphic novels are on hiatus here in our local bookstores. I am going to start ordering them from ebay (from Manila, Phillippines right?)but in the meanwhile, I have you to thank for me being able to read the latest scans.
5:33 PM on May 21, 2008 
Thank for agreeing with me Mooncloud!! And thank you Max for all your hard work!!:D
8:34 PM on May 23, 2008 
Hey, Mooncloud in your profile said you liked anime and manga, so I was wondering if this meant you liked stuff like Naruto and One Piece { which are my favorite series in the world}?:?:
4:09 AM on May 24, 2008 
I'm not a fan of Naruto, but I love One Piece (the japanese version with subtitles, not the american dubbed version, which they have censored way too much)
11:59 AM on May 25, 2008 
I would like to thank you on this great site you have here
you have done a fantastic job
the translated comics, the pictures in the extra (the chibi was my favorite)
cant wait to see the next issue and some new pics
best of luck
2:34 PM on May 25, 2008 
I know what you mean the american verision censored to much of it. Like Zolo?!! I mean seriously come on!! And lets not forget the fact that 4 Kids tv changed all the gun shooting to people nailing one another with their oh, so deadly slingshots?!!!! lol :tongue:
9:24 PM on May 26, 2008 
Oh, I forgot to ask do you like Jigoku Shoujo? That one hell like anime
6:44 AM on May 27, 2008 
Sorry, I haven't seen it.
2:30 PM on June 11, 2008 
I'm signing for my cookie, waiting for it at the forums
6:32 PM on June 24, 2008 
*gives Samir a well-deserved Cookie*
6:19 AM on June 25, 2008 
Man, this is one hell of a website! Thank you so so SO much for all the effort you put into it. I'm sure that everyone else, as well as me, really appreciates what you've done :D