::: PROJECT 217 presents :::
W.I.T.C.H. : World Cup Special Comic
- English version! -

This project was started by me and Samir in November 2006 and we've encountered a lot of obstacles on our way. But now, almost three months later, the long awaited release is finally here.

I really hope and wish that everyone understands that this translation isn't perfect. It doesn't matter how many times I go through it, I always find new flaws that could have been done better. Getting a perfect issue in perfect English would take me forever.

Of course you're welcome to contact me if you find any major errors. Just keep in mind that we have put a lot of effort in doing this already. Just the image editing process which included the work of removing all the tags from e v e r y image (yes image, not page) took us almost four weeks. You people who have seen the original scans would know. We spent all of our free time on doing just that.

Since we started, we've been getting a lot of support and help from other people, and if it wasn't for those people we'd been given up a long time ago. Therefore I'd like to personally thank everyone who's being involved in this project. I could never thank you enough.

Scanning: www.witch-news.webbyen.dk
French translation: Samir, GenericanDragon & MC217
English correction: Chaz, MAX9075, Darius & MC217
Image editing: MAX9075 & MC217

english scanlation

2020-10-11 - added PDF
2007-01-26 - correction
2007-01-25 - correction
2007-01-18 - first uploaded