WITCH Halloween Special

This special was first released in 2007, when Italy was already halfway through the New Power saga. I wished and waited for it to be released in Sweden but it never was. Luckily, I went online and bought an Italian copy before it was sold out.

The reason why I haven't released this special earlier is not just because I was still waiting for a Swedish release in 2008 and 2009 - but also because I hadn't yet found anyone from Italy who was good enough in English to help me with translations.

But even though this is three years later, I still believe you will enjoy this jewel which is kind of a blast from the past. Because for some reason, the comic contains older characters and not the ones who were introduced in New Power!

_n i g h t _o f_ m a g i c
english scanlation
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scanning & image editing: mooncloud
italian translation: valehikari
proofreading: loopylor & witchlover

February 09th '10 ( scanning done )
September 25th '10 ( translation done )
October 22nd '10 ( image editing done )
October 24th '10 ( index page done )
October 28th '10 ( proofreading done )
November 1st '10 ( spelling fix @ p.41 )