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The girls find out that Karmilla's having a concert in town. But so does Tecla, and decides to return to Heatherfield. But even though this was the perfect opportunity for her to get her youth back with the help from the Ragorlangs, she admits defeat in the last minute and helps the girls to imprison the power-hungry Folkner in his own invention. And after a quick visit to Kandrakar, the girls can resume their perfect night...

#75 ~ as you were, you are now ~
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All comic scans by Linnzy
Cover & inner cover scans by MoonCloud
Translation & image editing by MoonCloud
Pdf & archives by IsenLia & Dk-Witch

Oct 11th '08 (completed)
Jan 9th '09 (released)
Jan 22nd '09 (fixed 2 spelling mistakes)

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