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I made this page into a list for all w.i.t.c.h. fan translations. Now you can easily reach specific comic issues from an overview, without going through the "previous issue" links. This was not an option before when people wanted to host their own scans and when dok.tk was aware of their users (they have been taken over by freenom now). But ever since Photobucket became useless and tapatalk took over invisionfree, the comics forum has become a more and more deserted place. So i feel it's my responsibility to have a reliable link list here, despite the rare philippine release.

2021 update: As this website existed long before Yen Press started re-publishing W.i.t.c.h., most of the work found here was made when there were slim chances to none to buy original comics. Original and translated scans were added due to a huge shortage of english issues. UK stopped early and philippine releases up to nr 74 were very rare to find even on eBay. Nr 75-139 had no english release at all. Us fans felt like we had no choice but to continue the translations ourselves.
But now, thanks to Yen Press, the full comic can be enjoyed by english speakers! At first, we didn't know how far they'd come: we've seen incomplete reprints before so we were sceptical. But it actually looks like Yen Press plan to release all the basic arcs! This is why, out of respect, I've removed the links to the arcs that have been reprinted so far. As long as they are easily bought online and worldwide, I think this is the right thing to do.

But - the rest of the material is, with few exceptions, as of today (2021) not available in english anywhere else than here; online and free, made by us fans. Would Yen Press have ever even considered the reprint without our online fandom? I wonder. So, I truly hope that, if they are aware of us, they respect us enough not to report us. But, as I have heard horrific law suit stories, I feel like it's no longer worth the risk to host recently reprinted arcs. In the future, however, if the comics become rare and hard to find again, I might reconsider. But for now - all focus will be on getting the mini specials complete. Because I highly doubt that Yen Press will release those, too.

let me know by PM if you find any broken links. You can find me on Facebook using the link at the top right.

1. Meridian

Issues 001-012
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2. Nerissa's Revenge

Issues 013-024
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3. A Crisis on Both Worlds

Issues 025-036
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4. Trial of the Oracle

Issues 037-048
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5. War Against Ludmoore

Issues 049-062
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6. Ragorlang:

Issues 063-074
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7. New Power:

Issues 075-086
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8. Teach 2b Witch:

Issues 087-099
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9. 100% WITCH

Issues 100-117
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10. Ladies Vs. W.I.T.C.H.
Issues 118-129
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11. Magical Sovereigns
Issues 130-139

Special Issues / Rare publications
The Year Before
Core of Kandrakar
Elyon Special
Planet Boys
Orube Special
Cornelia & Caleb
Xmas Specials
World Cup Special
Caleb & Elyon
Halloween Special
Olympic Special
Manga Book 1
Manga Book 2

Mini Special Series / Bonus Comics
Witch Everyday (11/11 complete)
Witch on Stage! (12/12 complete)
SMS (13/13 complete )
VIPS (11/11 complete)
Daily Problems (2/7, ongoing ...)
How To (TBA)
mini collection (74)

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